The Design Talkies name stands for our belief in endless possibilities and big ideas, and that’s just where our approach to advertising, marketing, and branding begins. We take our role as the steward of your marketing strategy and dollars very seriously, and that focus gives us clarity of purpose.
Every day, with every client and project, we commit to:

  • Focus on the customer, that’s how you naturally create a loyal customer. This goes for how we treat our clients, as well as how we approach advertising, marketing and branding for your clients.
  • Understand the serious investment of communications and marketing, and ensure our clients see a return.
  • Honor the trust our clients invest when they hire Design Talkies as a partner.
  • Make the work relevant, memorable, and actionable for the real owners of your brand: your audience.
  • Balance strategy, execution, and speed because a great strategy has to make it out of the gate to be effective.
  • Let results rule, from building brand equity to driving sales. Make them measureable, trackable, and improve on them every single time.
  • Never, ever pass the buck.
  • Always enjoy the challenge!
  • These tenets have allowed Design Talkies to thrive, providing its expertise, problem solving and big ideas to national and regional brands